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Hubert Desmarest

CIO Obramax

Digital native, counseled for 15 years several companies in France for their digital strategies (ex.: Carrefour, WarnerBros, among others). Created a company in 2004 specialized in development e-commerce. In 2008, these company was designed as one of the first Gold Partner Magento company.
In 2015, he entered at the Obramax Project, the new brand of the Adeo Group (Leroy Merlin, Zodio, etc.), to manage systems implementation, innovation and organization.
After 2 years of market research, Obramax will open the first ‘wholesale+retail’ of construction material in Brazil. This experience will occurred through Omninchanel, which consists of being more than a self-service, the customer has the possibility to buy through store assisted sales, telesales or e-commerce. All of it thanks to a platform: a Magento!