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Fabio Pereira

Fabio Pereira Sephora

One of the pioneers and most experienced e-commerce executives in Brazil, working since 1999 with e-commerce, graduated in business administration from FGV with an MBA in Marketing from ESPM.

Elected in 2015 by Ecommerce Brazil as Top 5 e-commerce executive in Brazil and as Top 10 by ABCOMM.

He was one of the founders of the site, in 1999, participating in the Business Plan, strategy of launching and taking care of the category of books of the site. Later, he managed more than 15 virtual stores of established brands such as Caloi, Burago, Polti, Timex, helping companies to enter e-commerce.

He worked for 3 years at He was responsible for e-commerce and advertising management. He was later General Director of Virgula (portal for young audiences of Jovem Pan radio), Polishop e-commerce dirtetor and B2B General Manager in B2W (company resulting from the merger of with Submarino).

In 2010 he was invited to the e-commerce directory at (French multinational with branches and sites in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Brazil), being responsible for the business unit as a whole, taking the site to be the 1st store of the network in Brazil and the 2nd largest site of the Fnac group.

It accumulated, after 2 years, the directories of e-commerce and logistics, responsible for the entire supply chain.

In early 2014, he took over the e-commerce board of Sephora, a LVMH group company responsible for integrating site and store operations and the migration of the Rio de Janeiro office to the new platform in magento, new ERP – SAP and migration from the distribution center to São Paulo.

After consolidating the transformation of the website of was invited to take over the direction of the digital area of ​​Sephora for Latin America.

In addition to acting at Sephora, he is a professor at Ecommerce School, a guest professor at ESPM, an advisor at Fecomercio, and Director of ABCOMM _ Brazilian E-commerce Association.