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Eric Hileman

Eric Hileman

Co-Fundador MageMojo

I’m co-founder of MageMojo Magento Hosting where we specialize in high performance hosting for Magento.

I’m also the Technical Editor for Packt Publishing’s Mastering Magento book as well as a Customer Advisor to both Cisco’s Performance Routing Team and F5 Networks Security Team.

I am a lifelong learner and computer geek. When I was 10 I programmed my first byte of code on a hand-me-down Commodore Vic-20 and was instantly hooked. From then on, I spent my free time in the local library using an Apple IIe and whatever books I could find to learn more. Once the internet took off I was able to find even more information. The internet brought in a rush of knowledge and I expanded from hacking around on old Apple’s to learning all about hardware, networking and programming. Which lead me down an amazing path of many things like mining databases for AIDS research and doing live streaming over satellites, to name a few.

These days I enjoy helping store owners unlock their Magento store’s full speed potential to increase their revenues, while hanging out at one of the many beautiful beaches up and down Long Island in New York.