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SEO Data Oriented: how to generate more performance in e-commerce

Diego Ivo | CEO Conversion

br Keynote 31/10/2017 | 16:00 - 16:30 o' clock |

For some people SEO is a mystery, for others it is science.

The concept of SEO and its importance are well-known themes in the world of e-commerce, for both developers and managers. However, there are still many “gimmicks” and diametrically divergent opinions as to what is best and worst for SEO.

Does the loading speed impact? Is HTTPS important? Content help? Link Building still giving results?

To answer these and other very common questions about SEO, we will present data from various studies that have been conducted globally on what generates more and better results in organic search.

These studies will help you glimpse into SEO as a science, which requires a lot of analysis and creativity to achieve high performance.